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Elevate your spiritual space with our exquisite collection of wooden Aavani Palaka, Pooja Chowki, and Pooja Peedom. Crafted with precision and reverence, these traditional pieces are essential for conducting sacred rituals in temples or at home.

The Aavani Palaka, also referred to as “pooja aasan,” is a symbol of spiritual sanctity. Its sturdy wooden build ensures stability during prayers and offerings, making it a favored choice among priests and devotees alike.

Our intricately carved Pooja Chowki serves as a distinguished pedestal for sacred idols and ceremonial items, adding elegance to your worship area while honoring tradition.

Complete your devotional space with our Pooja Peedom, offering a comfortable seat for devotees to engage in prayer and meditation. Its simple yet elegant design fosters a connection with the divine, inviting introspection and spiritual communion.

Crafted from premium wood, each piece is selected for durability and aesthetic appeal, ensuring longevity and beauty in your sacred space.

Experience the essence of tradition and elevate your spiritual practice with our wooden Aavani Palaka, Pooja Chowki, and Pooja Peedom — timeless symbols of devotion and reverence.



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