Lord Narasimha with Prahladhan Black Stone Sculpture

Lord Narasimha with Prahladhan Black Stone Sculpture

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Immerse yourself in the divine narrative of Lord Narasimha and Prahlada with our Black Stone Sculpture. Handcrafted from premium black stone by skilled artisans, this sculpture portrays the iconic moment from Hindu mythology where Lord Narasimha, the fearsome yet compassionate incarnation of Vishnu, protects his devotee Prahlada from adversity.
The sculpture captures the dynamic essence of this sacred tale, depicting Narasimha in his half-man, half-lion form, exuding power and grace, while Prahlada stands beside him in reverence and faith. Each intricate detail of the carving reflects the craftsmanship and devotion inherent in religious art, making it a poignant addition to any home altar or temple setting.
Beyond its artistic and cultural significance, this sculpture serves as a symbol of divine protection and triumph over evil, resonating deeply with spiritual seekers and devotees alike. Whether displayed in a sacred space or as a centerpiece of spiritual contemplation, it enriches the ambiance with its profound narrative and aesthetic beauty.


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