stone ural idikallu

stone ural idikallu

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Illuminate your garden and home with the rustic charm of our Black Stone Lanterns, meticulously crafted to blend traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Made from durable stone ural idikallu, these lanterns serve as both functional lighting and stylish decor pieces.
Each lantern exudes a timeless appeal, perfect for enhancing outdoor garden spaces, patios, or indoor settings with their rustic elegance. The durable black stone construction ensures longevity and weather resistance, making them suitable for year-round use in various climates.
Whether used to create a warm ambiance on summer evenings or to add a rustic accent to indoor decor, these lanterns offer versatility and aesthetic appeal. Their craftsmanship reflects attention to detail, maintaining the natural beauty and durability of black stone while providing functional lighting solutions.


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10 Inch Base, 12 Inch Base, 15 Inch Base, 18 Inch Base, 24 Inch Base, 4 Inch Base, 6 Inch Base, 8 Inch Base


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