Divine Lord Krishna Black Stone Idol

Divine Lord Krishna Black Stone Idol

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The Divine Lord Krishna Black Stone Statue is a sacred sculpture crafted from high-quality black stone, depicting Lord Krishna, the beloved deity known for his divine playfulness and wisdom in Hindu mythology. This statue features intricate details and a lifelike representation, capturing the essence of Lord Krishna’s divine presence and charm. Ideal for both home and temple use, this sculpture enhances the spiritual ambiance of prayer rooms, meditation spaces, and altar settings. Symbolizing love, devotion, and cosmic harmony, the Divine Lord Krishna Black Stone Statue serves as a focal point for spiritual contemplation, worship, and devotion. It is cherished for its religious significance, artistic craftsmanship, and ability to inspire a sense of peace and spiritual fulfillment among devotees and admirers. Perfect for collectors of religious sculptures and individuals seeking to deepen their connection to Lord Krishna’s divine teachings and blessings


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