Shesh Naag Black Stone Sculpture

Shesh Naag Black Stone Sculpture

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Enhance your outdoor space with the majestic presence of our Shesh Naag black stone sculpture. This exquisitely crafted piece captures the powerful essence of Shesh Naag, making it an ideal addition to any garden, patio, or outdoor setting. The deep black color and intricate details, sculpted by skilled artisans, bring a touch of mythological grandeur and tranquility to your surroundings. Weather-resistant and designed for durability, this sculpture withstands the elements while maintaining its beauty. Packaged using sustainable materials, it’s an elegant and eco-friendly choice. Transform your outdoor decor with the timeless and powerful presence of our Shesh Naag black stone sculpture.


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10 Inch Base, 12 Inch Base, 15 Inch Base, 18 Inch Base, 24 Inch Base, 4 Inch Base, 6 Inch Base, 8 Inch Base


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